Trainee Job Description

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Sample Trainee Job Profile and Description

Every company or company has a hierarchy – from the junior most level to the seniors. Trainees are the freshers or the new joinees, just out of college, usually without any prior work experience. Trainees are an important part of any company because they are ultimately the future of the company. The management should properly give them both theoretical and practical training, and gradually induct them to the mainstream work. Usually the training period comprises six months in most companies, after which a trainee becomes a confirmed employee.

Duties and Responsibilities

The job responsibilities of the trainee depend of his job profile. But there are some common basic points.

  • Trainees need to follow what their seniors are doing and should be fast to learn the different aspects of the work
  • Sometimes they have to do a lot of footwork and fieldwork, which may involve going door to door or visiting customers, conducting surveys
  • Trainees in public relations or other clerical jobs may have to make extensive calls to customers, companies and also know how to do basic data entry, auditing etc

Skills and Specifications

  • A trainee should be extremely hardworking because this is the learning period and he should be willing to work for long hours
  • Depending on the nature of the work, trainees may have to work under a lot of pressure so that should know how to deal with stress
  • They should be adaptable, enthusiastic and be able to quickly pick up what they are been told to do

Education and Qualifications

Qualifications for a trainee also depend on their job profile and what is being demanded by the job. Most trainees require a degree or diploma in the field they are working. Any prior experience, even an internship, gives an edge and will help them learn the work faster.

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