Trainee Manager Job Description

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Trainee manager Job Profile and Description

A trainee manager assists the manager or the department head to achieve the organization’s growth objectives by finding out strategies to maximize sales and control expenses. He should fulfill his responsibilities complying with the organization’s principles of leadership, organization and objectives.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • He should comply with the organization’s client service guidelines and provide solutions to client problems (operational or related to products)
  • He manages the appearance of the store with respect to the organization’s priorities
  • He should perform basic administrative duties such as filing, filling out forms etc.
  • He should follow instructions and give attention to details
  • He ought to ensure that the store’s cleanliness standards are maintained
  • He needs to check if the proper stock levels are maintained by appropriate product ordering
  • He also needs to inspect the quality of the products
  • He ought to think of marketing strategies that would increase brand value and maximize visibility and sales
  • In some cases where the organization deals with hazardous materials, the trainee manager provides a safe environment for staff and clients by identifying and rectifying hazards and ensuring proper maintenance of equipment
  • He informs the Manager of employee issues or concerns and also gives solutions to the resolution of such problems.
  • He assists the manager in the achievement of store productivity objectives.
  • He should be able to operate the cash register efficiently and accurately

Skills and Specifications

  • He should have excellent communication and leadership skills
  • Excellent math skills will also be helpful
  • He ought to communicate well and be tactful
  • Outstanding negotiation skills are helpful when dealing with clients
  • He should answer enquiries and provide courteous client service

Education and Qualifications

He should have a bachelor’s degree in commerce or business management. Knowledge of computers and expertise in numbers gives an edge.

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