Ambulance Driver Job Description

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Ambulance Driver Job Profile and Description

An ambulance Driver is an individual specifically employed for driving ambulances, i.e. vehicles which are used to transport patients to and from hospitals and nursing homes. Ambulance drivers may need to transport seriously injured patients to hospitals or they need to reach accident spots as soon as possible. They are also required to carry non-urgent patients, outpatients etc to hospitals, day centers and alike.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ambulance drivers work as a part of ambulance crew along with paramedics and are supposed to drive urgent patients to hospital in shortest period of time.
  • They are also required to cater to non-urgent patient requirements.
  • They should provide complete assistance to the paramedical team while handling severely ill patients like lifting them onto the vehicle.
  • Ambulance drivers’ role is critical, so they should be punctual with attendance.
  • They should take care of the ambulances. Ought to possibly perform minor maintenance and repairs and ought to report damages/malfunctions immediately.

Skills and Specifications

  • Ambulance driver’s job requires him to be physically fit and emotionally resilient. He ought to be able to keep his cool under pressure.
  • He ought to have sound judgment and be capable of making quick decisions.
  • He should be able to perfectly work within a team and avoid clashes, arguments.
  • He ought to be caring and reassuring towards the patients.
  • He ought to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • He ought to be an expert driver and efficient in cruising through busy traffic.

Education and Qualification

Ambulance drivers are required to be above 21 years old in major countries. They need to have a valid driving license and clean driving records for a job. They need to pass through criminal background, drug and alcohol checks etc. Before working as a part of the ambulance team, they need to undergo thorough training. After going through training they may have to work as apprentices for some time before becoming a full-fledged professional.

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