Cargo and Freight Agent Job Description

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Cargo and Freight Agent Job Profile and Description

Cargo And Freight Agents help expedite and route movement of domestic and international cargo and freight shipments to and from the freight holds of airlines in airports, trains in rail depots, ships in piers and trucks in trucking terminals to reach their intended destinations. Employed by the relevant transport mode organization, they interface directly with corporate or individual shippers to accept, arrange for pick-up and process the necessary shipping papers and tariffs for payments.

Cargo and Freight Agent Duties and Responsibilities

  • Negotiate the rates, process paperwork and arrange pick-up of goods from clients to shipping or freight companies.
  • Notify addressees or consignees about arrival of freight and arrange for delivery.
  • Coordinate with customs brokers in the release of imported goods for delivery to local addresses.
  • Advise delivery clients to anticipate delivery of goods and any required payment.
  • Ensure import/export documentation are in their order
  • Conduct trace of undelivered shipments based on waybill data.
  • Estimate volumetric freight weights, commodity types and tariffs for shipment cost assessments to be charged to clients.
  • Using automated cargo systems, enter shipping information and create bookings for target date of shipments.
  • Create machine readable labels conforming to industry standards and attach to shipment packing.
  • Pack goods for shipping, using tools such as staplers, strapping machines, and hammers.

Cargo and Freight Agent Skills and Specification

  • Outstanding multitasking and comprehension and computer literacy skills
  • Outstanding ability to make decisions even under extreme work pressure
  • Good verbal communication, social and interpersonal skills.

Cargo and Freight Agent Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma is necessary but some post-secondary course is preferred.
  • A previous experience as a transportation clerk or in the same industry gives an edge.

Cargo and Freight Agent Salary

The average hourly wages of cargo and freight agents is around $17.92 with the middle 50% earning between $14 and $24. The lowest 10% took in about $11, while the topmost 10% received about $29. The highest hourly average was observed in the scheduled air transport industries at $21 hourly.

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