Commercial Divers Job Description

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Commercial Divers Job Profile and Description

Commercial Divers work undersea using scuba diving apparatus or deep sea vehicles. They are not your maritime deep sea fishers but are basically construction workers who are tasked to inspect, install, remove, adjust or repair undersea equipment and structures. They install those undersea copper and fiber cables for voice and data communications. Apart from scuba gear, they use various power hand tools such as drills, torches and welding arches in these endeavors. They also assist researchers, explorers and scientists in taking undersea photographs, rig explosives or conduct experiments and tests.

Commercial Divers Duties and Responsibilities

  • Observe work shift schedule and project schedule for getting to the undersea site work area.
  • Ensure that assigned diving equipment such as breathing gears, masks, oxygen tanks and gauges are serviceable and in top condition.
  • Ensure constant communication with support crew on the surface or ship while underwater using assigned communication equipment
  • Ascertain appropriate safety procedures are undertaken prior to diving by ensuring adequate monitoring instruments are working and registering with authorities about the start of any expeditions.
  • Ensure thorough information about assigned diving projects to include location, risks and environmental conditions.

Commercial Divers Skills and Specifications

  • Should have outstanding medical and physical health conditions
  • Should have outstanding deep water scuba diving skills
  • Should have outstanding comprehension skills to understand instructions and perform medium complexity procedures under water.
  • Should have respectable communication skills.

Commercial Divers Education and Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s or associate degree, vocational training or equivalent on-the-job training experience is necessary.
  • 2-3 year experience in a related work gives an edge.

Commercial Divers Salary

The average salary of Commercial Divers is around $26 per hour or $55,000 per annum with the middle 50% earning between $20 and $35 hourly or $40,500 and $71,000 per annum. The lowest 10% earned $33,000 while the highest earned about $95,000.

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