Customs Broker Job Description

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Customs broker Job Profile and Description

A Customs broker is responsible for preparing and compiling all the documents required by the government for discharge of foreign cargo at domestic ports or airports to serve as middleman between importers, merchant shipping organizations, airlines, railroads, trucking organizations and the government Customs service.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Customs brokers prepares entry papers from the shipper’s invoice keeping with the government’s Customs service regulations
  • He also has to follow all regulations related to other agencies which have a direct bearing on import of goods
  • He should have knowledge of government tariffs and excise taxes and accordingly quote duty rates on goods to be imported
  • He also prepares papers for shippers who want to appeal against the duty charges imposed by Customs department
  • In some cases, they also have to provide for storage of imported goods and for the transportation of the imported goods from the port to the final destination
  • He may also have to register foreign ships with the nation’s Coast Guard.
  • A Customs broker should have a proper government license or operate under corporate license granted to employer by government.

Skills and Specifications

  • They should be patient but at the same time very alert and thorough in their work
  • At times they need to work in long shifts and under tough working conditions; so they should to be able to adjust to all weather conditions

Education and Qualifications

All Customs workers should have a minimum of a high school degrees and preferably bachelor’s degree. Knowledge of foreign languages is helpful. As most of the Customs work is related to interpreting and enforcing the law, some knowledge of legal affairs and corporate affairs is useful.

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