Customs Inspection Officer Job Description

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Customs Inspection Officer Job Profile and Description

Customs Inspection Officers are Federal agency workers assigned in any of the nation’s ports of entries for land, air or sea transport. They conduct inspection of inbound cargo shipments or imports as well as passenger luggage from cross-border land entries, international airlines and shipping vessel to ensure they comply with the pertinent US customs laws.

Customs Inspection Officer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct spot and random checks of cargo shipments declared as imports and ensure they are in compliance with local import regulations
  • Ensure correct import duty assessments or cargo based on volume and commodity types.
  • Slap the necessary customs duties on luggage content of commercial value as may be assessed.
  • Alert customs security on shipments that are in violation of customs laws for possible legal action against importers.
  • Locate and confiscate contraband, undeclared and mis-declared merchandise, as well as put on hold aircraft, ships and land vehicles containing these merchandise.
  • Conduct random checks on luggage released from the airline or ship hold and ensure that customs declaration forms are in order.
  • Institute criminal and civil prosecutions and coordinate with other law enforcement agencies in investigating and prosecuting those in violation of customs laws.

Customs Inspection Officer Skills and Specifications

  • Should have the presence of mind and alertness in spotting declaration errors and contraband shipment.
  • Should be physical and medically fit.
  • Should have strong knowledge of customs rules and regulations
  • Has strong understanding of immigration laws

Customs Inspection Officer Education and Qualifications

A college degree is necessary and a post-secondary course in police work gives an edge.

Customs Inspection Officer Salary

The median hourly wage of a Customs Officer in 2009 stood at $29.86 per hour or $62,110 per annum

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