Delivery Driver Job Description

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Delivery Driver Job Profile and Description

Delivery drivers are people who transport goods and materials from one person to another. Their work varies according to their employer’s business needs and transactions. They are usually needed to drive along the same routes but that too can change according to delivery lots. They may also be required to work during night shifts, early morning, weekends and holidays.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Delivery driver has to take delivery notes from the supplier and after supplying it to the customer, make a receipt of it.
  • He needs to check his vehicle’s brakes, controls, fuel content etc on a daily basis before starting out.
  • He should be expert in handling his vehicle and perform minor maintenance, repairing if needed.
  • Must be punctual and stringent about timings and make no delay in deliveries.
  • Delivery drivers must be prepared to work in any traffic, weather and timing according to his employer’s business needs.
  • He should generously assist in loading and unloading goods onto/off his vehicle.

Skills and Specifications

  • A delivery driver needs to be vigilant, sincere and responsible person.
  • He must be friendly and courteous towards his customers.
  • He must take care of goods during transit and ensure zero damage.
  • He must be an adept driver and should always abide by all traffic rules.
  • He should have good team spirit and work in perfect coordination with his colleagues.

Education and Qualification

A delivery driver can be a high school graduate or even basic literate but most importantly he needs to have a valid driving license (a CDL in case of heavy transport vehicles) and must fulfill all the norms laid out for this kind of job. He should be above a minimum age limit, usually 18. Delivery drivers should have good interpretational skills and should be able to read road maps efficiently. They should have good driving records and sound work ethic.

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