Elevator Operator Job Description

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Elevator Operator Job Profile and Description

Elevator operators transport people though the floors of a building, hospital, hotel, shopping mall or similar establishments. They are required to either push buttons or pull levers to operate the elevators. Their job may also require them to greet users, distribute mails among floors and pass information to the riders.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • He has to open and close the safety gate at each floor where users want to get into/out of the lift.
  • He has to ensure that all passengers get inside/out of the lift with safety. He may need to press the stop/door-open button in case the lift door starts closing suddenly.
  • He has to pass information to the users regarding office locations and help them reach the correct floor.
  • He may need to transfer small goods, mails and documents from floor to floor.
  • He ought to assist other employees while loading freight into the elevator.
  • He may also be required to look after cleanliness of the elevator and carry out minor maintenance.
  • He should be alert against any malfunction and should ring the security alarm in case of any mishap.

Skills and Specifications

  • An elevator operator needs to be a sincere and accountable person.
  • He should be friendly towards the riders but should not engage in unnecessary talks.
  • He ought to have sound judgment and quick decision making capability during any accident, malfunction or fire incidence and ensure safety of all riders.
  • He ought to be punctual and ought to arrive at his workplace before usual riders, employees and customers.
  • He may need to prevent unauthorized people from getting inside and call the security.

Education and Qualification

An elevator operator ought to at least be literate and do basic mathematics. He ought to be a self-starter and high on taking initiatives. He ought to have enough technical aptitude to understand and operate the elevator. He should carry a pleasant impression of his company through his courteous and sincere conduct.

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