Food Delivery Job Description

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Food Delivery Job Profile and Description

Food delivery workers transfer food stuff from hotels, restaurants and cafeterias to clients. Clients usually call up the food joints or make their orders on the internet stating their home address. After receiving the order restaurants prepare the food items, pack them and transfer it to the food deliverer who carries the food to the client’s doorstep. He may have to collect the billing amount from the clients and make a receipt of the same.

Food deliverers may also make an extra income from tips given by the clients. Food deliverers usually need to take different routes during their work as they need to cater to clients across many locations.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Food delivery job can be challenging as food should be transferred during a short period of time and hence the worker needs to be an adept driver.
  • Deliverers also should ensure safety of the food items from spill off, soiling or leakage during transit.
  • Food deliverers should ensure their own safety as well as they might become targets of robbers.
  • Even with the short time constraint, they should abide by all traffic rules.

Skills and Specifications

  • A delivery should be an honest and reliable person.
  • He should have a thorough knowledge of his city’s roadmap.
  • He should present himself with courtesy and positive gestures to his clients and ought to conduct himself as a representative of the restaurant at that time.
  • He should not force clients for tips.
  • He ought to have good calculation skills.

Education and Qualification

A food deliverer ought to be at least high school pass out or at least literate. He ought to be able to do basic mathematics to deal with bill payments. He should possess valid driving license. Most restaurants seek people having their own two-wheelers for this job.

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