Forklift Operator Job Description

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Forklift operator Job Profile and Description

Forklift operators drive and control the forklift which is a motor vehicle which is used to transport heavy goods around the premises of an organization, company, factory, airport or dock. Forklifts have two protruding rigid steel bars at their front which can be lowered and lifted up. Operators need to load up heavy boxes and cartridges on to these steel bars, carry it to designated places and unload them off.

Duties and Responsibilities

A forklift operator’s role usually extends more than driving the vehicle.

  • He has to receive, check, count, verify, sort and classify materials and equipment by stock number, condition and other classifications and note them down in relevant logs.
  • He may need to unpack cartons and boxes to check the material and then again seal them.
  • He has to compare data against the documents given by the management and note irregularities if any.
  • He has to be careful while handling fragile items.
  • Has to be very familiar with fork lift operation, maintenance and its upkeep.

Skills and Specifications

  • A fork lift operator needs to be an honest, accountable and sincere person.
  • He should take full care of objects while transporting and avoid any breakage, damage or scratch.
  • He should be watchful against any loss, theft or misplacement of objects.
  • He ought to have good physical strength and ought to be able to lift weights with or without equipments when necessary.

Education and Qualification

A fork lift operator needs to have a valid commercial license. The license specification for this job may vary from region to region and in such case the operator has to fulfill all the requirements. He needs to have knowledge of relevant technical practices, warehousing practices and materials/goods. He ought to be efficient in safety management and ought to be able to work without a lot of direction.

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