Freight Broker Job Description

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Freight broker Job Profile and Description

Freight brokers are middle men who make arrangements for the transportation of goods produced by organizations, with shipping and other transportation organizations. They do not personally supervise or are not involved in the physical transportation of goods but mainly act as agents who satisfy a company’s logistical and transport needs.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Freight brokers search for shippers who need to transport their cargo from one place to another
  • The broker also has to search for a truck to move the cargo and contacts the shippers and works as middle man for both the parties
  • He has to use cost-effective measures to convince the organizations from both sides and decide on a rate suitable for all
  • He should pay due attention to marketing, cash management, planning and creating an operating blueprint
  • He should find out new shippers to bring business to his company and for that he needs to have good contacts in this field
  • He has to hear and follow the requirements of what both the shipper and the transport provider wants and according maintain a proper schedule

Skills and Specifications

  • One needs to know about the knowledge of transportation facilities and other facilities made available by different shipping organizations
  • A freight broker needs to good networking skills and rapport with organizations in need for transportation
  • He ought to be reliable and punctual and follow the schedule properly
  • Negotiating tactics are also required; basic marketing and selling tricks are also helpful in this field

Education and Qualifications

Although there is no professional degree available specifically for this job, there are courses which provide professional training required to become a freight broker. Many transportation intermediaries offer this kind of training. One also should possess license from the governing authority in one’s nation to practice this job.

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