Lift Operator Job Description

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Lift Operator Job Profile and Description

Lift operators are individuals who are employed to escort people through different floors of a building like apartment, office, commercial complex or mall. Lift operator move through the floors usually by pushing buttons on the control panel of the lift.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A Lift operator has to open the gate at each floor where a stop is made and guide riders into the lift.
  • Has to ensure that the doors remain open till all the riders have come inside or gone out.
  • May need to politely refuse more people entering the lift when it has reached its maximum load.
  • He has to pass information to riders regarding office locations and other floor information.
  • He may also need to transfer mails and documents from floor to floor.
  • He ought to assist in loading freight onto the lift, help elderly or disabled people get inside the lift.
  • Maintain cleanliness and general appearance inside the lift.
  • Stop the lift and report immediately in case of any malfunction.

Skills and Specifications

  • A lift operator should be friendly, polite and courteous to the riders.
  • In case of any fire incident he ought to be aware about all the safety guidelines and may need to disable the lift and prevent its use.
  • He ought to be punctual in his attendance and timing. He ought to not leave the lift un-attended for long.
  • He ought to be able to use the intercom facility in the lift to call security, medical help etc. when needed.

Education and Qualification

A lift operator needs to be at least literate and do basic mathematics. A high school diploma or graduation is ideal. Lift operators ought to have a thorough knowledge of the lift’s working and ought to be well versed with safety and precautionary practices like fire prevention. He ought to be able to carry out minor repair/maintenance like fitting lights.

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