Locomotive Engineer Job Description

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Locomotive Engineer Job Profile and Description

Locomotive Engineers operate, drive and control large freight, passenger trains or both between train stations. They are trained to operate electric, diesel-electric, steam, and gas-turbine-electric locomotives as well as interpret track signaling, orders and apply railroad regulations.

Locomotive Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Operate locomotive trains to transport passenger and freight between stations or to rail yards for maintenance, rerouting, and coupling/de-coupling of train cars.
  • Observe shift schedules to ensure trains operate on time.
  • Prior to each run, check operational soundness of locomotives, performing necessary minor adjustments and documenting and reporting concerns for a more thorough solution.
  • While in motion, monitor gauges and ensure the train runs at the prescribed speeds, amperage, battery levels, air pressure in brake lines or in main reservoirs.
  • Coordinate with traffic controllers and conductors via radiophones to issue or receive information on stops, delays, or oncoming trains.
  • Make appropriate response to emergency conditions or breakdowns in accordance with safety procedures and rules.

Locomotive Engineer Skills and Specification

  • Must have thorough knowledge of assigned routes, always aware of the condition and makeup of their train.
  • Must have excellent vision and hearing faculties as well as reflexes.
  • Excellent ability to make decisions even under extreme work pressure
  • Above average verbal communication, social and interpersonal skills.

Locomotive Engineer Education and Qualifications

  • A BS in mechanical engineering and passing the federal board as a licensed engineer is basic.
  • Must pass a hearing and visual acuity exam, safety background check, railroad knowledge tests and the federal licensure to operate freight and passenger trains.
  • A few years of experience in rail transport industry is basic.

Locomotive Engineer Salary

The median hourly wages of a Locomotive Engineer in 2009 stood at $23.01 per hour or $47,870 annually with the middle 50% earning between $18.90 and $29.75. The lowest 10% earned $16.07 while the highest 10% earned $42.64. The wide range cover the different rail companies throughout different states.

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