Pizza Delivery Job Description

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Pizza Delivery Job Profile and Description

Pizza Delivery person job is to deliver hot and fresh pizzas at consumer’s doorstep. He has to cruise through busy traffic, jams and long roads but has to deliver pizzas within a short time. Consumers call up pizza joints and make an order or they can order over the internet. The restaurants prepare the pizzas and hand it over to delivery boys. Pizza delivery boys have been the face of pizza advertisements and campaigns.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Pizza delivery job is challenging in its own ways as delivery has to be made in short, and sometimes fixed time.
  • Deliverers need to be quick and should have their vehicles ready for the transit.
  • Pizza delivery people, although maintaining timely delivery, should not break traffic rules.
  • Pizza delivery boys also need to produce the bill to the consumer and collect the amount.
  • They should handover the collected amount throughout a trip to the pizza joint manager.
  • They should have a good knowledge of various locations in the city and how to reach there fast.

Skills and Specifications

  • A pizza delivery boy/girl should be a smart, polite and friendly person and ought to be courteous with consumers.
  • He should be an adept driver and ought to be at ease negotiating busy traffic.
  • He ought to not force or insist the consumer for paying extra tips.
  • He ought to be able to work within a team and help others in his workplace.
  • He ought to be alert enough to avoid robberies and other mishaps on the road.

Education and Qualification

For a pizza delivery person, to have a high school diploma is sufficient. Even literate people with necessary knowledge of mathematics can carry out this job. Pizza delivery people need to have a two wheeler or other medium of personal transport. They ought to have a valid driving license and clean driving records.

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