Rail Conductor and Yardmaster Job Description

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Rail Conductor and Yardmaster Job Profile and Description

Rail Yardmasters occupy supervisory responsibilities in coordinating work in rail yard operations. These include building or breaking up trains, switching outbound and inbound trains to sections on the track in preparation for new destinations, and unloading of cargo on assigned tracks. Often employed in railroad yards for freight and passenger as well as construction, quarry and industries sites, they have supervision over rail yard engineers in operating diesel and dinky engines, switch operators for controlling tracks as well as hostlers who operate engines without attached coaches within the yard to drive them to repair shops.

Rail Conductor and Yardmaster Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with locomotive engineers, conductors and train traffic controllers radio-telephones or computers to communicate switching, schedule and other operational instructions and information.
  • Alert train crew members for movement of trains or engines using hand signals, radios, light signals and cellphones.
  • Observe work shift schedules to ensure optimum productivity.
  • Conduct inspection of locomotive engines before and after use.
  • Conduct regular inspection of services skills of stationary trains, rail switching mechanisms, equipment and rolling stock.

Rail Conductor and Yardmaster Skills and Specification

  • Outstanding multitasking and comprehension and computer literacy skills
  • Outstanding skills to make decisions even under extreme work pressure
  • Good oral communication, social and interpersonal skills.

Rail Conductor and Yardmaster Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma is necessary but some post-secondary course is preferred
  • Attending company training programs and on-the-job training is necessary.
  • A few years of experience in rail transport industry is necessary.

Rail Conductor and Yardmaster Salary

The average hourly salary of a Rail Yardmaster is relatively higher than the average of most land transportation operators. Railroad conductors and Rail Yardmasters earned an hourly average of $26. There’s variance in the salaries among various rail organizations depending on size of the rail operations and state location.

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