Shuttle Driver Job Description

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Shuttle Driver Job Profile and Description

Shuttle Driver is someone who drive shuttle cars, vehicles which can carry 16 -20 passengers. Shuttle drivers usually work for a certain company, organization or community; or for agencies which provide these services to them. Shuttle drivers may also need to carry out duties specific to the organization they work for like patient handling (for hospitals), loading and unloading luggage etc.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A shuttle driver should maintain trip logs which give details like passenger count, route details etc
  • He should document down things like vehicle issues, route details, fuel intakes and maintenance in respective logs.
  • He should have expertise in handling his vehicle and ought to be able to do minor repairs and maintenance activities.
  • He should conduct daily inspections and report any vehicle faults to the management.
  • He should be thoroughly aware of his city roadways and can efficiently read/interpret road maps.
  • He is required to transport passengers and materials irrespective of weather, traffic and road conditions and be consistent with timings.

Skills and Specifications

  • A shuttle driver should be calm and controlled person and ought to always avoid rash driving.
  • He needs to have sound judgment and make quick decisions when amidst difficult situations like ill patient and bad weather.
  • Ought to have good physical strength and fitness, especially if his job requires a lot of loading/unloading work.
  • Ought to be mentally prepared to work on long shift, erratic hours, holidays and weekends.
  • They should be well aware about all the routes where they operate their shuttles.

Education and Qualifications

Shuttle drivers should possess valid commercial driving licenses. Employers may ask for a minimum prior experience. They should have good driving records. Usually a high school diploma is enough. They should have good interpretational skills. They should pass from several tests (written/verbal/practical) that check drug abuse, alcohol consumption, criminal background etc.

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