Ski Lift operator Job Description

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Ski Lift operator Job Profile and Description

Ski Lift operator is someone who works on the ski lifts and helps ski enthusiasts in skiing or snowboarding down the ice covered mountain slopes. They usually work at a winter holiday resorts or are hired by tourism agencies. The work is mostly seasonal and revolves around the winter seasons. Employers would most likely hire people for multiple seasons. A ski lift operator gets to earn bucks while enjoying the lush beauty of mountains at the same time.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A ski lift operator has to help the guest while loading and unloading the chairlifts.
  • He has to push the lift to set it rolling and also catch incoming lift, avoiding jerks and discomfort to riders.
  • He has to greet the guest and also guide them while loading onto the lift.
  • He has to take care of all the mechanical aspect of the ski lift and report faults immediately to his supervisor.
  • He has to perform or help in scanning tickets, cleaning the snow and entertaining the guests.

Skills and Specifications

  • A ski lift operator should be in physically sound condition for the heavy tasks.
  • He needs to be friendly and courteous towards the guest and ensure a pleasant and pleasurable ride. He ought to be able to socialize himself with other people seamlessly.
  • He should have a passion for skiing/snowboarding.
  • He needs to be active and enthusiastic about letting others discover the joy of skiing down the mountains.
  • He ought to utilize resources in an environment- friendly way preserving the beauty of mountains.

Education and Qualification

A ski lift operator should at least possess a high school diploma. He ought to have enough technical aptitude to work and control the ski lift-start, stop and adjust the speed. He needs to be familiar with skiing and snowboarding, and ought to preferably have his own ski/snowboard equipment.

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