Subway and Streetcar Operator Job Description

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Subway and Streetcar Operator Job Profile and Description

Unlike rail transportation operators who work mostly with private rail organizations, Subway and Streetcar Operators are generally employed by public transportation authorities. Subway operators control trains running through underground tunnels while Streetcar Operators drive single bus-like electrically powered coaches over rail tracks along city thoroughfares. They both fulfill the purpose of transporting passengers within the metropolis and adjacent suburbs or may connect with major rail stations and airports.

Subway and Streetcar Operator Duties and Responsibilities

  • Observe work shift schedules and delivery routes assigned.
  • Operate controls to open and close passenger coach doors.
  • Drive, control and regulate speed of rail-guided electric powered streetcars on street pavements or subways to transport passengers safely and efficiently between points in the metropolis.
  • Stay alert to monitor traffic situation and console lights indicating obstructions.
  • During breakdowns or emergencies, contact dispatcher or supervisor via two-way radios to get authorization to evacuate cars and direct evacuation process once authorized.
  • Drive electric-powered streetcars, trolleys, or light-rail vehicles to transport passengers around metropolitan areas.
  • For streetcars, operating on city streets, observe traffic signals and cope with car and truck traffic.
  • Prepare shift-end reports detailing delays, mechanical problems, and emergencies encountered to supervisors or dispatchers.
  • Make announcements and notifications of upcoming stops and delays.

Subway and Streetcar Operator Skills and Specifications

  • Should have quick reflexes and high level of alertness at all times during shift hours.
  • Outstanding comprehension and communication skills
  • Has strong understanding of road and traffic safety laws

Subway and Streetcar Operator Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma is necessary
  • 2-3 year experience in a related courier service gives an edge.

Subway and Streetcar Operator Salary

The average annual salary for a Subway and Streetcar Operator is around $29 per hour or $57,000 per annum. They are mostly employed by local public transport authorities and may vary between states.

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