Transport Driver Job Description

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Transport Driver Job Profile and Description

Transport Driver is someone who move freight and goods from place to place, be it manufacturer to distributor, between two organizations or supplier to client. The exact nature and workload of a transport driver depends on the employer he works for and accordingly he may need to furnish skill set and qualification requirements.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A transport driver needs to collect goods and take a delivery note from the sender, once the goods have been transferred; he needs to take a receipt of the same from the receiver.
  • Every day before start he needs to check the brakes, controls and fuel intake of the vehicle and report if any malfunctions are there.
  • He also needs to carry out minor maintenance and repair of his vehicle.
  • Transport driver should confirm that the deliverables are OK before loading them onto his van/truck.
  • He will also help his colleagues in loading/unloading freight onto his vehicle.
  • He needs to check all the relevant documents regarding his freight before leaving and ought to not lose them during the journey.

Skills and Specifications

  • A transport driver ought to be a strong, robust and physically fit person.
  • He should be an adept driver, efficient in cruising through all traffic and weather.
  • He should be sincere, polite, honest and transparent in his conduct.
  • He ought to take proper care of the goods while transporting and avoid any damage, loss or scratch.

Education and Qualification

A transport driver is usually required to be a high school pass out. For light vehicles like vans and cars a manual driving license and for heavy vehicles like truck, a commercial driving license is required. In any case he needs to have clean driving records. Training and prior experience requirement vary from one company to company. He may have to undergo check against police records, drug and alcohol abuse.

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