Transportation Broker Job Description

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Transportation broker Job Profile and Description

A transportation broker is someone who is accountable for boosting revenue growth of brokerage by recognizing and responding to the needs of existing and potential clients along with the effective sourcing and management of carrier.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • He has to regularly and accurately make timely entries into the operating system of load status, costs, and freight audit information
  • He has to do immediate follow up and management of any exception
  • He should coordinate with other departments and foster growth in brokerage business
  • By using available industry tools and relationships, he should identify potential carriers
  • He should undertake verification of carrier safety and other qualifications according to company policy
  • He needs to make intelligent and tactful negotiation of rates and services
  • He should make clear communication of service expectations
  • He ought to consistently follow up to ensure that the loads are moving according to the schedule and the expectations of the clients
  • He may have to do any other tasks or duties as assigned

Skills and Specifications

  • One needs to develop basic marketing and selling skills to excel in this field
  • One also need to understand all the intricacies of how a transportation business works
  • Tact and persuasion is very important during negotiations
  • Networking is an essential part of this business and for that you need to have good communication skills
  • One ought to also have good analytical skills

Education and Qualifications

There are professional schools available that train one to become a transportation broker. However, there is no formal degree which will directly teach you about this profession. An internship or training under a qualified transportation broker will also give you hands on experience about this job. One should also possess a license from the relevant authority in every country before practicing this profession.

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