Transportation Job Description

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Transportation Job Profile and Description

A transportation job is that kind of work which is related to any transportation-related activity of an organization or establishment like airports, stations etc. One may need to coordinate with drivers and maintain the schedule or be involved with checking security at places like airports. Depending on the job profile, the responsibilities of the job vary.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A scheduler or dispatcher creates and monitors drivers routes and also deals with client queries and complaints very adeptly.
  • Drivers need to safely transfer students or organization employees and follow security procedures
  • Transportation security officers control and monitor secured airport locations and raise alarm if there is any suspicious activity
  • A transportation mechanic is responsible for conducting all repair works and overseeing daily maintenance of the means of transport, and also inform the authorities if any new unit is required
  • A transportation specialist monitors the development, coordination and implementation of student behavior management which helps bus drivers to work more efficiently
  • A trainer is responsible for training, providing updates to drivers and paraprofessionals
  • A support person repairs and installs seat upholstery and special needs equipment and helps in maintaining transportation buildings
  • A transportation inspector examines the equipment and procedures to ensure that planes, public transportation systems, or railroads follow safety regulations

Skills and Specifications

  • One should have good organizational skills and ought to be good with time management
  • He ought to be able to deal with stress and remain calm even in case of emergencies
  • He should have good communication skills as he needs to interact with the public and the drivers, depending on the job profile, throughout the shift

Education and Qualifications

Higher education is not extremely important in this field and most only require a high school degree or the equivalent. For managerial positions, one has to be a graduate or hold a management degree.

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