Transportation Planner Job Description

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Transportation planner Job Profile and Description

A transport planner’s work relates to the transport infrastructure. He has to plan strategies which would help him manage and improve the transport system. He also forecasts travel patterns and gives his opinion on the environmental and social effects of road transport. He shows the positive effects of reducing the use of cars, encouraging walking and cycling and promoting the use of public transport. Nowadays, the focus is more on an engineering-led approach than traditional forecasting in order to manage growing travel demand.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A transport planner has to design and interpret transport and travel surveys
  • He has to study and use statistical analysis to examine travel data or accident records
  • He also has to use mathematical and computer simulation models to forecast the effects of any suggestion of road improvement or policy change
  • He writes reports and suggests recommendations to clients and forms solutions to transport problems
  • He evaluates the benefits and costs of different strategies;
  • He also needs to assess infrastructure requirements to support planning applications and if required, he also needs to inform the local authority about the development plans
  • He needs to develop the initial design idea for suggesting a new transport infrastructure like bus priority facilities, car parking areas etc
  • Sometimes he also needs to write bids for the funding of projects.

Skills and Specifications

  • A transport planner must have knowledge of computers, and should know how to make simulation programs to present forecasts
  • He should know about the principles and the implementation of transportation engineering and planning
  • Knowledge of basic language skills, standard English grammar and usage are also required and helpful

Education and Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, transportation engineering or transportation planning, or an equivalent degree is useful. Training, education, and experience will provide the required knowledge and abilities and gives an edge.

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