Transportation Security Officer Job Description

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Transportation security officer Job Profile and Description

Transportation security officers are in charge of taking care of security measures inside and around an aircraft. They can be found at all commercial airports across the nation. They are responsible for learning all policies and procedures related to the aviation screening process and play a significant role in preventing terrorist attacks.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Transportation security officers control and monitor entry and exit points at secured airport locations, such as tarmacs, terminals, airside gates, baggage claim and other areas
  • They should know how to properly handle all security screening equipment such as X-ray machines and know how to use a hand wand in order to properly screen travelers
  • He ought to check all baggage and cargo at airports efficiently
  • They should be consistently on the lookout for any breach of security and instantly raise alarm if they find anything suspicious
  • They should participate in informational confidential security briefings as required of transportation security officers
  • They need to respond quickly and appropriately in an emergency situation that arises at the airport
  • He should also be able to explain security regulations to everyone

Skills and Specifications

  • As a transportation security officer, he or she should be able to maintain her focus in a noisy, and sometimes chaotic environment
  • He should have good communication skills as he needs to interact with the public throughout the shift
  • Even in a stressful situation, he should remain courteous
  • Language skills are also significant; he should be proficient in English, both written and spoken, and command of foreign languages can prove helpful

Education and Qualifications

The transportation security officer position requires a high school degree, graduation or the equivalent. Former experience in the security field or as an X-ray technician can be substituted for education. After training, he should pass all training exams and demonstrate continuous improvement while on the job.

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