Transportation Specialist Job Description

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Transportation Specialist Job Profile and Description

A transportation specialist is in charge of maximizing the effectiveness of the domestic transportation network by planning strategies to lower costs, increasing efficiency of the drivers and other logistics issues, and by catering to client’s demands and satisfaction.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A transportation specialist develops and sustains positive client relations by understanding what the client requires and addresses the contract terms
  • He should make sure that all policies, procedures and rules are followed and reports are accurate and submitted on time
  • He ought to be able to coordinate logistics with suppliers, carriers and government agencies
  • In order to earn revenues for the company, he should formulate cost-effective freight solutions and service levels for all brands
  • He should closely monitor transportation issues for delivery requirements in support of operational requirements
  • The condition of the vehicles should be checked by him and he also ensures the vehicle is fueled according to agency guidelines
  • He has to make sure there is timely coordination/scheduling of pick-up and deliveries to/from factories, suppliers, clients, employees etc.
  • Evaluates and maintains freight requests, quotations, revisions, air & ocean routing guides
  • He should ensure safety and in case of outings, he provides ongoing supervision, communication, and positive interactions with youth
  • In case of any emergency, he has to report any issues or concerns immediately with to his superior follow agency protocol

Skills and Specifications

  • He should have good organizational and time management skills
  • He ought to be able to coordinate work with the other departments
  • He should have knowledge of terminologies used for insurance, transportation and customs

Education and Qualifications

A graduate or someone who holds a degree or diploma in management or a bachelor’s in commerce has a good chance to get a job in this field.

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