Warehouse Job Description

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Warehouse ob Profile and Description

Warehouse job is a wide field with different profiles, and every profile has its own job description. These jobs may include packagers, shippers and receiving clerks, material handlers, maintenance crew members and managers.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Warehouse staff are responsible for receiving, storing and shipping merchandise kept in warehouses
  • Handlers have to load or unload merchandise while it is being received or when it is being shipped
  • A leader or supervisor needs to monitor the loading and unloading process and is in charge of all warehouse activities
  • Stock clerks keep records as goods enter and leave the warehouse; most of the information is contained in bar codes, which the clerks have to scan and check
  • Order fillers find and assemble the merchandise for outgoing shipments
  • Depending on the industry and location, warehouse work may involve indoor and outdoor work
  • Warehouse maintenance and cleaning crews help ensure that industry sanitation and safety codes are followed

Skills and Specifications:

  • Warehouse workers may often have to work at a rapid pace to meet shipping and receiving deadlines
  • Excellent physical health is required as most warehouse jobs involve loading and unloading merchandise or assembly-line work. The work is physically demanding and requires lifting, bending or standing for long periods of time
  • Cold-storage warehouses often require work in refrigerated or freezing temperatures
  • Warehouse workers, especially the shippers or managers, should have good record-keeping skills and should pay attention to details
  • Training and certification may be required by material handlers to operate heavy-lifting machinery such as forklifts and cranes

Education and Qualifications:

Qualification also depends on the job profile; a manager would require a management degree or a commerce degree from an accredited university, whereas for handlers a high school degree may be enough. Usually the organization provides training and certification programs which an individual can take.

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