Airline Catering Production Supervisor Job Description

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Airline Catering Production Supervisor Job Profile and Description

Airline food is essentially an assembly line large scale production process with a battalion of catering workers preparing the food in a mix of manual and automated procedures for first class, business class and economy or coach. The Airline Catering Production Supervisor ensures that the contracted quantity of packaged meals for each class of service is complied with and delivered before the schedules as prescribed by the customer airlines.

Airline Catering Production Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensure complete manning complement to meet mass production targets, providing allowances for worker leaves and sick calls.
  • Check bonded warehouse regularly to ensure raw materials are available.
  • Ensure that meal trays for the various service classes are correctly packaged along with food group trays for first class (caviar, salmon, fish and meat trays).
  • Ensure that purser’s kits and consigned duty free items on inflight sales are fully stocked-up.
  • Supervise the operation of catering trucks to ensure they reach and load-up the aircraft on schedule.
  • Ensure the dispatch of catering trucks to retrieve galley trolleys and non-consumable items from the aircraft after passenger disembarkation.
  • Coordinate with airport authorities in securing permits and identification documents required for entry of catering trucks and drivers

Airline Catering Production Supervisor Skills and Specifications

  • Outstanding organizational and supervisory skills
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills

Airline Catering Supervisor Education and Qualifications

  • While a high school diploma is requirement, most airline catering organizations prefer applicants with 2-3 years post secondary education.
  • A 2-3 year experience in a supervisory capacity in a restaurant or manufacturing firm gives an edge.

Airline Catering Supervisor Salary

The average annual salary of Airline Catering Production Supervisors approaches that of salaried generic catering managers is around $47,500 with the middle 50% earning between $39,000 and $61,000. The highest 10% earned about $79,000 while the lowest 10% earned around $33,000. The Catering Manager in the travel industry enjoys an average of $55,000.

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