Airport Hotel Shuttle Bus Driver Job Description

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Airport-Hotel Shuttle Bus Driver Job Profile and Description

The Airport-Hotel Shuttle Driver is a seasoned bus driver holding the proper professional driver’s license. They mainly operate these shuttles to transfer airline passengers between airports and hotels or between either to major drop-of points in the town. They can be employed in organizations based in airports or are organic employees of either hotel or airport that operate a fleet of shuttle transfer buses. These can be full 50-passegner buses or 15- passenger coaches and coasters depending upon the number of guests.

Airport-Hotel Shuttle Bus Driver Duties and Responsibilities

  • Check assigned shuttle bus for cleanliness inside and out, along with mechanical and engine conditions to ensure top shape prior to being deployed
  • Observe shift attendance and assigned service schedules.
  • Report any problem with the shuttle bus to the supervisor for proper corrective action.
  • Ensure complete knowledge of assigned shuttle routes between hotel and airport or city.
  • Help boarding passengers with their baggage if called for.
  • Communicate location and traffic condition with dispatcher or supervisor via the shuttle’s two-radio.

Airport-Hotel Shuttle Bus Driver Skills and Specifications

  • Should be a holder of a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL)
  • Outstanding 20/20 vision
  • Outstanding physical and mental health.
  • Can understand and comply with road and safety regulations.

Airport-Hotel Shuttle Bus Driver Education and Qualifications

A high school diploma is necessary but a 1-year experience in a related work gives an edge but not essential as most shuttle bus organizations provide training on road transportation rules, safety and work ethics for 2-8 week prior to deployment. Passing a test on comprehension skills to follow rules and schedules is standard.

Airport-Hotel Shuttle Bus Driver Salary

The average hourly salary of Airport-Hotel Shuttle Bus Drivers is in line with school bus drivers and is around $13 hourly with the middle 50% earning from $10 to $17. The lowest 10% earned less than $9.11 while the topmost 10% earned around $21 hourly.

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