Airport Immigration Officer Job Description

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Airport Immigration Officer Job Profile and Description

Immigration officers are federal agency workers who are assigned in any of the nation’s ports of entries servicing international air and sea travel. Most overseas travelers are familiar with them through airports, though not all airports are ports of entries. Airport Immigration Officers are responsible for screening foreign passport holders entering the US territory via international airlines and specify their maximum period of stay depending on their US Visa grant category which could be for tourist, immigrant or business.

Airport Immigration Officer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Check and evaluate admissibility and eligibility of foreign nationals seeking entry to the US by ensuring travel and identification documents are in order vis-à-vis immigration database and person’s match with those documents.
  • Examine immigration applications, visas, and passports and interview persons to determine eligibility for admission, residence, and travel in the U.S.
  • Check passenger identity and passport details provided by airlines in advance before they disembark.
  • Conduct cursory questions to assess foreign nationals and flag immigration security staff to detain those with dubious travel documents or found in violation of customs or immigration laws and arrange for deportation.
  • Order deportation and alert airlines to return passengers with erroneous travel documents, prescribing the relevant fines.
  • Assist in the deportation of persons in violation of immigration laws.

Airport Immigration Officer Skills and Specifications

  • Should have the presence of mind and alertness in spotting dubious travel documents and detecting suspicious behavior on disembarking passengers.
  • Outstanding command of computer database systems
  • Has strong understanding of immigration laws
  • Outstanding knowledge on nationalities, politics, geography and current events

Airport Immigration Officer Education and Qualifications

A college degree is essential and a post-secondary course in police work gives an advantage.

Airport Immigration Officer Salary

The average hourly wage of an Immigration Officer is around $30 hourly or $64,000 when annualized.

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