Medical Tourism Marketing Agent Job Description

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Medical Tourism Marketing Agent Job Description

The growing outsourcing industry has extended well into the medical profession with the practice of getting medical treatment in countries that have cheaper labor costs. Thanks to medical tourism, medical outsourcing is now a thriving business. And just like any business, you have marketers to promote the service. These are your Medical Tourism Marketing Agents, whether working with travel agents or with private clinics. They promote medical travel to appeal to a growing number of cosmetic and medical patients looking for cheaper alternatives. The benefits include not just cheaper medical costs but the opportunity to have an exotic overseas vacation for the same price as they’d spend if treated stateside.

Medical Tourism Marketing Agent Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design and develop medical tourism packages in consultation with partner travel agents and health professionals overseas.
  • Maintain close relationship with hospitals, doctors , pharmacists, nursing homes and diagnostic centers to prospect patients who can be referred to countries for medical treatment options.
  • Prepare and develop promotional collaterals, web portals, online marketing campaigns and social media to generate public interest and queries.
  • Secure progress of local patients availing of the service
  • Respond to patients and their families about queries on the package and conduct visits to provide detailed explanation if required.
  • Assist in the preparation of paperwork in the travel and hospitalization overseas.

Medical Tourism Marketing Agent Skills and Specifications

  • Good computer and internet literacy to develop online marketing campaigns
  • Outstanding social, communication and interpersonal skills in dealing with patients, travel agents and the medical community locally and overseas.
  • Outstanding knowledge of the destination medical nations.

Medical Tourism Marketing Agent Education and Qualifications

  • A college degree is necessary
  • 2-3 years of experience in the marketing profession, preferably in the travel industry gives an advantage

Medical Tourism Marketing Agent Salary

The average hourly wage of a Medical Tourism Marketing Agent is around $16 hourly or $31,000 annum. Their salary is basically in line with industry median for Travel Agents.

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