Travel Adventure Tour Leader Job Description

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Travel Adventure Tour Leader Job Profile and Description

While most tours are passive guided sightseeing visits of historic and cultural sites, an adventure tour goes beyond and actively engages the tourists in outdoor leisure or sporting activities done to appreciate the breathtaking allure of a nation’s natural wonders. This can be any thrilling adventure sport like mountain climbing, bungee jumping, fishing, whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, skiing, snowboarding, camping, mountain trail biking and trekking, cave exploring, snorkeling, or scuba diving. The Adventure Tour Leader is usually more than just a guide but an expert practitioner like scuba diver or mountain climber who effectively leads the tourists in these activities.

Travel Adventure Tour Leader Duties and Responsibilities

  • Accompany and help tour members in engaging with sporting activities commonly done in the site visited
  • Organize and meet adventure tour members, assess their skills and assign special tasks and provide techniques and tips for first aid and emergency management
  • Assess and anticipate weather conditions to determine if the tour should proceed or not.
  • Should be aware of the terrain of tour site and determine the right season to conduct tours
  • Help in the development of adventure tour brochures for nature trips and sporting tours if requested.

Travel Adventure Tour Leader Skills and Specifications

  • Has complete and thorough knowledge about the location where the adventure tour will take place
  • Has the sporting skill relevant to the assigned adventure tour (hiking, skiing, biking, mountain climbing, fishing, rafting, scuba diving, etc.)
  • Has outstanding leadership skills to command a group of 20-30 people in a tour
  • Has outstanding interpersonal, communication and people management skills
  • Has membership in a sporting club like a scuba diving or mountaineering club with several years of sporting experience
  • Lives near the tourist site or owns a reliable vehicle to get to the site on call.

Travel Adventure Tour Leader Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma or equivalent in terms of apprenticeship in tourism is imperative.
  • A diploma in Environment Science or ecotourism gives an edge
  • Verbal proficiency in a 3rd major foreign language is preferred

Travel Adventure Tour Leader Salary

The position is often a part time job contracted by tour operators to sports trainers and enthusiasts with the right qualification residing near the tourist site. They can command anywhere from $25 – $32 daily.

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