Travel Agency Manager Job Description

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Travel Agency Manager Job Profile and Description

The job of the Travel Agency Manager is to oversee the activities of a travel agency and improvise business strategies to bring about developmental changes. The main job of the travel agency manager is to keep abreast knowledge of the timings and operations of major and important modes of travel. The job of the travel agency manager is also to manage the travel agency staff effectively and make them to do quality work with focus on client satisfaction.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Proposing strategies for the business development of the travel agency.
  • Maintaining the financial account details and other budgetary reports of the agency.
  • Analyzing the reports to ascertain the growth of the agency and if needed, employing better work strategies to improve the business aspect of the agency.
  • Maintaining the up-to-date information on the travel operations and transport mediums like trains, airlines and also buses.
  • Facilitating the clients in the booking of tickets and accommodation arrangements.
  • Managing the travel agency work activities and devising new tour and travel plans and packages.
  • Coordinating and guiding the agency staff to work for the client satisfaction and development of the agency.

Skills and Specifications

  • Good written and verbal communicational skills.
  • Knowledge of financial and business strategies.
  • Aspiration to work in travel and tourism area
  • Good managerial and decision-making skills.
  • Skills to coordinate and manage people.

Education and Qualifications

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in travelling related area or any other subject with interest in business and financial concepts is imperative.
  • Prior few years of work experience in any travel related industry gives an edge.

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