Travel Airport Limousine Chauffeur Job Description

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Travel Airport Limousine Chauffeur Job Profile and Description

An airport limousine service operates on a limited run between the airport, where its limousine fleet is based, to major points in the city or cities around the airport as well as with other airports within a prescribed distance radius. Behind its wheel is the Airport Limousine Chauffeur who is responsible for safely and efficiently conveying visitors and returning residents from the airport to their destination. The airport limousine offers complete privacy and the most luxurious alternative to other modes of land transfers to/from the airport.

Travel Airport Limousine Chauffeur Duties and Responsibilities

  • Transport arriving airport passengers safely and efficiently to their hotel or their respective destination
  • Ensure that the assigned vehicle is in top serviceable condition prior to being operated, inside and outside
  • Perform routine maintenance, such as changing tires or adding oil
  • Send vehicle to the operator’s maintenance yard for a more throughout check and repair as required.
  • Great airport passengers and assist in the build-up of baggage in the limousine’s trunk

Travel Airport Limousine Chauffeur Skills and Specifications

  • Should be a holder of a suitable professional driving license to operate a public utility car or a Commercial Driver’s License if the fleet consists of stretch limousines that car more passengers than standard limousine sedans
  • Should have at least 20/40 vision with 70-degree vision field in each eye and can distinguish between colors (not color blind)
  • Should have good understanding of car operation
  • Should have cheerful and courteous disposition at all times
  • Should have thorough understanding of road safety regulations imposed by the state as well as other states for interstate driving

Travel Airport Limousine Chauffeur Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma or equivalent in apprenticeship years as a limousine driver is basic.
  • A thorough knowledge of city and suburban streets leading to airports as well as an adequate grasp of GPS navigational and road map reading is basic to the job.

Travel Airport Limousine Chauffeur Salary

Limousine chauffeurs enjoys an average annual salary inclusive of tips around $23,000. The middle 50% earned between $21,000 and $29,000 with the lowest 10% getting about $17,000 while the highest 10% getting about $35,000.

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