Travel and Tourism Job Description

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Travel and tourism job profile and description

The travel and tourism industry is a growing large industry with hundreds of different job opportunities like hotel managers, chefs, hospitality sectors, transportation, travels and adventure sports providers and casinos to name a few. Each of these jobs has its own special duties, responsibilities, required skills and qualifications.

Travel and tourism industry job duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of travel and tourism jobs are varied. However, the intention and the result of all the jobs are the same – to make the stay for tourists enjoyable. All the energies of the travel and tourism industry are focused on this goal. Below given are the major duties and responsibilities of the travel and tourism industry.

  • To make the stay of the tourists enjoyable by providing them with good lodging and boarding facilities
  • Providing the tourists with good food and drinks
  • Making travel arrangements for local site seeing trips as well as to and fro travel from their place of residence
  • Giving tour guides to the tourists to help them understand the local culture and tradition
  • Providing good service in hotels and resorts

Travel and tourism job skills and specifications

The skills and specifications required to obtain a job in the travel and tourism industry are as follows:

  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Skills to provide good customer service skills
  • A pleasing personality
  • Skills to gauge the requirement of the tourists and provide them with what they want
  • Skills to work for long hours

Travel and tourism job education and qualification

The education and qualification required for the job in the travel and tourism industry are:

  • For positions like managers and chefs, a bachelor’s degree or diploma in hotel management or hospitality is essential. Business administration graduates are also eligible for some of these posts
  • For many other posts, a high school graduation is adequate.

Travel and tourism job salary

Depending upon the job in the industry, the salary can vary from $25,000 per year to $110,000 per year and in some businesses, even more.

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