Travel Clerk Job Description

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Travel Clerk Job Profile and Description

The job of the Travel Clerk is mainly to help clients find right information on travel itineraries, tour packages and other related details. The task of the travel clerk also is to collect information on airline, train schedules, travel fees and other transport related queries. The other task of the travel clerk is in assisting and coordinating with the work of travel manager and travel agent and working for the development of travel and tourism sector.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Helping in the work activities of travel agency manager and other employees of the travel agency.
  • Recording and analyzing the travel destinations, places of interests and tourist spots and maintaining the information on the same.
  • Preparing tour plans, routes and packages in consultations with travel manager and agent based on the collected information.
  • Answering queries raised by the clients, suggesting them in selecting the best package and at nominal costs to suit their needs.
  • Booking tickets and arranging stay accommodations during the travelling schedule.
  • Maintaining and coordinating with clients in legal requirements to be met for the travelling and filing the legal documents.
  • Arranging the meeting between the clients and travel agency manager.
  • Suggesting better tour packages and strategies to develop the business aspects.

Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent communicational and written skills.
  • Passion to collect travel and tour related information.
  • Skills to work in coordination with other people.
  • Excellent personal and managerial skills.
  • Knowledge of marketing concepts and passion towards tour and travels.

Education and Qualification

  • A Bachelor’s or an equivalent degree in any field is imperative

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