Travel Hotel Mote Resort Desk Clerk Job Description

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Travel Hotel/Motel/Resort Desk Clerk Job Profile and Description

Desk Clerks of hotels, motels or resorts are the first frontline client service people for a traveler after encountering the doorman, concierge, valet service and the bellhop. Greeting the arriving guests, they provide registration and room assignments along with other services the guests may request. Working on shifts over s 24 hour period, Desk Clerks are also the people guests complain to during their stay and are among the last the guest will see when checking out.

Travel Hotel/Motel/Resort Desk Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

  • Receive phoned-in and online bookings and conduct confirmation of these bookings for arriving guests
  • Help guests in registering and assign preferred rooms
  • Maintain and update guest files in the hotel’s client record database
  • Ensure guest rooms are properly cleaned and refurbished each day or as requested by the guest.
  • Ensure guest rooms are checked for any pilferage, damage or losses while processing guest checkouts
  • Help guests in car rentals, airline bookings and availing of tour packages
  • Verify and print out hotel service billing and process payment.
  • Provide turnover to succeeding shift
  • Help the Desk Supervisor or Hotel Manager in clerical and administrative functions as may be assigned.

Travel Hotel/Motel/Resort Desk Clerk Skills and Specifications

  • Should always be well groomed, client-oriented and have a pleasing personality with a cheerful and courteous disposition
  • Should have reasonable knowledge of airlines and interlining routes, and frequent flyer programs.
  • Has outstanding verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Has outstanding interpersonal skills to deal with corporate secretaries, executive administrators, personnel Managers and management staff
  • Should have basic understanding of computer and Microsoft tools life Office and Excel.

Travel Hotel/Motel/Resort Desk Clerk Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma is essential
  • Few years of experience in a hotel or hospitality industry gives an edge.

Travel Hotel/Motel/Resort Desk Clerk Salary

The average annual salary for hotel, motel, and resort desk clerks is around $24,000. The rate depends on the size and rating of the hotel and its location.

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