Travel Nature Trail Camp Coordinator Job Description

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Travel Nature Trail Camp Coordinator Job Profile and Description

Working within the office confines or the base operations camp of a tour group operator or travel agency, the Nature Trail Camp Coordinator is the point man who liaises with various organizations outside the tour operator to ensure that any planned camping or nature trail activity is carried out without any problem. He is responsible in planning and coordinating the transport requirements of the tour group, purchasing camping foods and maintaining base camp facilities.

Travel Nature Trail Camp Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with Eco-tour guide operator for the schedule of organized camping and trekking tours
  • Maintain good and cordial business relationship with local transport facilities for providing bus services to campers and trekkers in reaching the sites.
  • Maintain good relationships with resort facilities and restaurants near camp and trek sites that are capable of providing catering services when required
  • Educate camping and trekking participants on responsible behaviors for conserving the environment and in the administration of emergency first aid procedures
  • Ensure that remote base camp facilities such as communications facilities are properly maintained to support planned camping and hiking activities.
  • Should be able to coordinate with 911 in times of emergencies
  • Coordinate post camping clean up operations

Travel Nature Trail Camp Coordinator Skills and Specifications

  • Should own personal vehicle suitable for driving in rugged terrain
  • Should possess a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Skills to maintain accurate records and petty cash
  • Skills to maintain a flexible sense of humor and a safe and enjoyable camp environment
  • Skills to work with people of all ages and backgrounds

Travel Nature Trail Camp Coordinator Education and Qualifications

An associate degree in tourism related courses or an equivalent experience in organizing group tours is necessary.

Travel Nature Trail Camp Coordinator Nature Trail Camp Coordinator Salary

The coordinator position is a supervisory rank-and-file position that reports to a manager and can earn a salary from $40,000 to $48,000 per annum.

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