Travel Operations Manager Job Description

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Travel Operations Manager Job Profile and Description

The responsibility of the Travel Operations Manager is to oversee the operations for the travel and also during the travel. The travel operations manager should provide his inputs and expertise in the process of formulating new travel packages, charting new travel itineraries and other kinds of travel promotional events. The job of the travel operations manager is to oversee the functions and workings of all the travel agency staff and work along with them to achieve the target goal of the travel organization.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Overseeing the travel related operations and services to the customers before and during their travel.
  • Providing all forms of travel trips and advises to the customers and deputing persons to assist them during their travel.
  • Handling travel-related complaints and feedback from the customers and taking appropriate steps to rectify and improve them.
  • Providing their expertise and ideas for designing itineraries and pamphlets, and executing various new travel packages.
  • Coordinating and working along with the staff in providing customer-oriented services to the customers to meet their all travel needs.
  • Achieving the business goal of the organization.
  • Dealing with travel payments, delivering travel tickets and other forms of services for the comfort travel of the customers.

Skills and Specifications

  • Outstanding communicational and written skills.
  • Outstanding management, time management and personal skills.
  • Should possess leadership qualities and creative skills.
  • Willingness to function overtime.
  • Should have interest in tourism and travel sector.

Educational Qualifications

  • At least a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any field, preferably business administration with interest for tourism and travelling.
  • Few years of experience in the travel management operations gives an edge.

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