Travel Tour Bus Driver Job Description

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Travel Tour Bus Driver Job Profile and Description

Driving a tourist bus may require the same driving skill as any bus driver, but it includes added responsibility and knowledge with regards to the various landmarks of a locale, not just in the city but outside the city also, depending on the assigned areas. The Tour Bus Driver is more concerned with a comfortable ride that allows tourists a good view of various landmarks while on the road without being a road nuisance.

Travel Tour Bus Driver Duties and Responsibilities

  • Operate and drive safely the assigned tourist bus
  • Should have at least 20/40 vision with 70-degree vision field in each eye and can distinguish between colors (not color blind)
  • Ensure that the bus has been properly checked and cleaned for trouble-free operation prior to any sightseeing drive
  • Report any electromechanical problem encountered during the day
  • Maintain a clean bus always.
  • Coordinate with the bus base operations for immediate field replacement when the bus used become inoperable or may put its passengers at risk.
  • Should have high alert level and road focus especially during heavy traffic on inclement weather to avert any accidents.
  • Should have thorough understanding of road safety regulations imposed by the state as well as other states for interstate driving

Travel Tour Bus Driver Skills and Specifications

  • Should be a holder of a suitable commercial driving license (CDL) to operate a passenger bus
  • Should have good understanding of engine operation as well as bus heating and air conditioning systems to ensure that reports about bus operating problems are accurate and serviceable

Travel Tour Bus Driver Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma or equivalent in internship years as a bus driver is necessary.
  • A thorough knowledge of city and suburban streets as well as an adequate grasp of GPS navigational and road map reading is essential to the job.

Travel Tour Bus Driver Tour Bus Driver Salary

The average hourly wage for an intercity bus driver is around $18.The tourist bus driver can expect to earn more. The highest 10% bus drivers earn more than $29 hourly.

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