Advertising Worker Job Profile and Description

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In the field of media and technology, advertisement has become an inseparable part. This industry has been enhancing a lot these days. An Advertising Worker is an integral part of this advertising world where they are involved in the creation and development of advertisements in order to meet the demand of the clients. They are mainly responsible for the company’s marketing plans. The beginners often have to start their careers with the making of marketing strategies. For the pitching of the advertisements to the concerned customers, they often have to write materials for the advertisement. Companies and Advertising agencies with marketing division often recruits the Advertising Workers.

Advertising Worker Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of an advertising worker increases with increasing experience. However some general duties are enlisted below:

  • Develops campaigns and advertisement to meet the requisition of the client
  • The beginners often work as a traffic coordinator.
  • They have to attend the meetings with the clients and other workers for coordinating various programs.
  • Might assist any particular department, for example an Advertising Worker could assist the advertising accountant.
  • Besides, an Advertising Worker could work in conjunction with other departments as well and get involved in the making of marketing strategies, graphics, writing etc.
  • Contributes in the general progress of the company he is working in.

Advertising Worker Skills and Specifications:

The skills and specifications needed for being an efficient Advertising Worker includes:

  • Work in the advertising field is exciting and fast paced, and hence the workers working in the industry has to have a dynamic personality.
  • Representatives need to have a good public relation skill and have excellent communication skills as well
  • Should have at least some reasonable knowledge of the advertising world.
  • Must know the tactics to handle clients
  • Must have proper writing skills.
  • Should be decisive, mature and creative.
  • Must be verbally diligent.

Advertising Worker Educational Qualifications:

  • Workers must have a bachelor’s degree with business management or marketing as the main subject.
  • A bachelor’s degree in advertising or journalism, or a related subject is also desirable.
  • One must have a thorough knowledge about the computer and Internet to facilitate the performance of his duties.

Advertising Worker Salary:

About $724 a week is the median salary for a non-supervisory advertisement worker. The salary however varies with experience and job responsibilities. Medical benefits are paid extra.

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