Airline Sous Chef Job Description

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Airline Sous Chef Job Profile and Description

French word for “Vice” or deputy, the Airline Sous Chef helps the airline Chef in the tactical operations of an airline caterer. The position basically takes over the Chef in his absence, doing just about everything the Chef does, except when the decisions involves strategic nature. Also trained as a chef and often hired from the hotel industry, the Airline Catering Sous Chef applies his skill in culinary works to help the Chef in designing the menu selections for an airline’s first class, executive or business class and economy class meals.

Airline Sous Chef Duties and Responsibilities

  • Help the Chef in designing airline food preparations under direction from marketing based on competitive profiles and market preferences.
  • Prepare the cuisines designed by the main chef as specified for the season.
  • Help the Chef in developing menu dishes for the various classes of service and flight routes.
  • Conduct quality audits during in-process and post-process meal production.
  • Supervise the grading and acceptance or rejection of delivered bulk orders of raw materials.
  • Provide administrative support to production workforce.

Airline Sous Chef Skills and Specifications

  • Should have strong leadership, organization and managerial skills
  • Should possess complete and thorough culinary expertise
  • Excellent computer and internet literacy
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills

Airline Sous Chef Education and Qualifications

  • Certificate or degree in Culinary Arts is preferred
  • At least 2-3 years of minimum experience in a high volume, full service, fine dining restaurant.

Airline Sous Chef Salary

The average annual salary of Airline Catering Sous Chef approaches that of salaried generic catering manager is around $55,000 for the travel industry. This is, however, a wider range of variation depending on the airline. You can expect the bigger airlines to provide a higher salary for their Sous Chefs.

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