Biomedical Researcher Job Description

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Biomedical researcher job profile and description

Biomedical researchers study the behavior of the human body with regard to diseases and work on developing new methods of curing them. They conduct experiments to isolate new disease causing germs and develop drugs to control the germs.

Biomedical researcher duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a biomedical researcher are:

  • Planning strategies and schedules of experiments
  • Diagnosing diseases affecting the human body by studying blood, plasma, organ and other body samples
  • Finding effective cure for the disease causing organism without inflicting harm on the human body
  • Documenting the results of experiments systematically
  • Testing and studying the abnormalities in blood and plasma cells
  • Studying the behavior of disease causing germs and the effect of antibiotics and other drugs on them
  • Developing advanced equipments and tools for diagnosing and testing of diseases
  • Grow cultures in the laboratory for testing and practice safe disposal methods
  • May also be required to teach and guide interns and students in medical universities and research centers
  • Conducting feasibility studies of the experiments

Biomedical researcher skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a biomedical researcher are:

  • A thorough knowledge about human physiology, the effect of diseases and the behavior of disease causing microorganisms
  • Good analysis abilities
  • Ability to work hard and accept failures as a part of research
  • Good verbal and writing skills
  • Should be very organized and precise in work
  • Good knowledge about computer and internet applications
  • Ability to learn continuously and keep up to date with the latest developments in the field

Biomedical researcher education and qualification

The education and qualification of a biomedical researcher are:

  • A master’s degree and doctorate in biomedical studies is necessary for the job

Biomedical researcher salary

The salary of a biomedical researcher varies depending on the place of work. The salary may range between $85,000 and $110,000 annually.

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