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Job Descriptions, as the name suggests are the descriptions of a particular job or job profile. These are written documents which hold importance for those who are looking for a brief or detailed write up that explains the nature of the job; duties related to it, growth prospects etc.

Any Job description may consist of a lot of points or sub sections. The following few points are the classes which make any job description complete:

•           Job Specification

•           Job Duties

•           Job responsibilities

•           Job analysis

•           Job scope


Job descriptions must be written by following a particular format so that it becomes easy for the reader to understand clearly without any confusion. The following points shall be of help:

•           The first paragraph of any Job’s description is a general introductory paragraph where one needs to define briefly the nature of the job.

•           The second section of the job description may consist of the different types of job profiles in that field of work. It can be written in bulleted form.

•           The last section of the description is consists of the main duties and responsibilities of the employee. This section can also be reserved to give the eligibility criteria details.

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