Insurance Group Representative Job Description

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Insurance Group Representative Job Profile and Description

The Insurance Group Representative will be responsible for implementing the marketing strategy that has been agreed by the senior executives within the company. You will be dealing with all matters that relate to the buying and selling of insurance policies. It might be necessary for you to coordinate with other colleagues within the industry on specific projects. You might also be involved in managing claims.

Insurance Group Representative Duties and Responsibilities

The duties of an Insurance Group Representative are as follows:

1.       You will be responsible for contributing to the marketing strategy for the company in question.

2.       The role calls for you to liaise with different marketing assistants within the team.

3.       You will prepare regular marketing reports for business executives.

4.       As an Insurance Group Representative you might be required to organize marketing sessions with potential client groups.

Insurance Group Representative Skills and specifications

The specifications for an Insurance Group Representative include the following items:

1.       You will be someone with advanced marketing skills.

2.       You should be in a position to communicate with a variety of people.

3.       The role calls for intelligent use of marketing information.

4.       You have to possess a smart presentation as well as knowledge of the insurance industry.

Insurance Group Representative Education and Qualification

A higher certificate or a bachelor degree will be necessary for an Insurance Group Representative. You have to possess industry related qualifications such as a certificate in industry marketing. The role calls for generally literacy as well as numerical qualifications.

Insurance Group Representatives Salary

The salary range for an Insurance Group Representative starts from $80k right up to $175k annually. This is dependent on performance and the number of teams that they are looking after. You might be provided with a company cab in order to facilitate your work within various localities.

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