Freight Material Mover Laborer Clerk Job Description

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Freight Material Mover/Laborer Job Profile and Description

Freight Material Movers and Laborers are often employed in piers, dry docks and warehouse shipping and receiving centers to move import and export freight shipments, inventory goods, or other materials mostly by hand or using forklifts and other heavy equipment vehicles which they are licensed to operate. They are classified under stevedoring occupations

Freight Material Mover/Laborer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Observe work shift schedules in the docks or warehousing operations to ensure maximum working productivity.
  • Follow prescribed operational and safety rules as may be promulgated by terminals and warehouses.
  • Operate lifting vehicles if licensed for the equipment.
  • Accomplish daily freight or inventory movement flow reports as required
  • Attend shop floor productivity improvement programs and activities
  • Attend trainings in the use and operation of any new freight movement equipment.
  • Mentor new hires assigned to the freight moving section.

Freight Material Mover/Laborer Skills and Specifications

  • Outstanding medical and physical health conditions with muscular build.
  • Should have adequate comprehension skills to follow operational and safety regulations and instructions.
  • Should be licensed to operate freight lifting vehicles and trained to operate them.

Freight Material Mover/Laborer Education and Qualification

  • A high school diploma is basic but a post-secondary course gives an edge.
  • 2-3 years of experience in a related industry gives an edge.

Freight Material Mover/Laborer Salary

The average annual salary for Freight Material Mover/Laborer is around $13 per hour or $25,000 annually. The salary range varies from the lowest 10% at $8 per hour or $18,000 annually to the highest 10% at $18 per hour or $39,000 annually, depending on the location of the pier docks or industry. The middle 50% earned between $9 per hour or $19,000 yearly and $33 per hour or $30,000 annually.

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