Inventory Specialist Job Description

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Inventory Specialist Job Profile and Description

The job of an Inventory Specialist involves administration, management and supervision. This is a specialized profile in which, an individual is required to multi-task and adjust to the workings of a dynamic environment. He/she is also liable to look into all inventory management functions while coordinating with internal as well as external sources of the enterprise.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinating inventory requirements and procurement details with vendors and customers.
  • Making inventory budgets and maintaining the stock ratio of the enterprise.
  • Supervising the inventory cycle counting.
  • Accounting and Reporting of inventory surplus, product returns, and any damages.
  • Evaluating the cost movement of organization products and assessing the purchase and invoice details.
  • Replenishing stock in the warehouse and filling of order forms.
  • Forecasting and estimating the potential stock requirements, based on sale reports.
  • Tracking the transportation and distribution of inventory.
  • Maintaining and overseeing the records of all stocks and compiling evaluation reports.
  • Conducting a daily audit of inventory.

Skills and Specifications

  • Complete Knowledge of using barcode equipment.
  • Good Knowledge of operating a PC and working on inventory software and programs.
  • Should possess strong calculative and analytical skill sets.
  • Skills and effectiveness to manage time to meet required deadlines.
  • Excellent written and verbal communiqué expertise for networking and synchronizing work.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in administration, material management, logistics, supply chain or any related field from an accredited institution is basic.
  • Post Graduate degree in supply chain, retail, operations, inventory management or any related field, with a minimum 2 years of experience in stock management is essential.

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