Receiving Associate Job Description

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Receiving Associate Job Profile and Description

A Receiving Associate is an individual who is responsible for the receiving the merchandise and inventory of an establishment and completing all necessary legal paper work relating to the same. Receiving associates also require supervising the stocking and storage of goods and other related functions. Such profiles are usually associated with retail and merchandise industries, manufacturing firms and export related organizations.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinating with purchase officers and suppliers for the receiving of supplies.
  • Validating the documents and reports in accord with the unloaded merchandise.
  • Making note of any damaged goods or any other discrepancies and reporting the same to the supervising authorities.
  • Maintaining all the stock records and inventory lists.
  • Systematically handling and storing all the received goods.
  • Initiating and executing all safety procedures and standards with regard to the storage and receipt of merchandise.
  • Maintaining a counting cycle and keeping a record of all labels and tags of the received goods.

Skills and Specifications

  • Must possess good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Skills to efficiently coordinate with internal and external factors of the organization.
  • Good Knowledge of the safety and legal procedures for handling and receiving goods.
  • Skills to effectively manage time and resolve crises.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s or an associate degree in administration, supervision, retailing, merchandising, stocktaking or any related field of study is imperative.
  • Post Graduate degree or a certificate in material management, retailing, inventory management, commodity procurement or any related field, with an about 2 years experience in the field of receiving transported goods gives an added advantage.

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