Receiving Handler Job Description

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Receiving Handler Job Profile and Description

Receiving Handlers mainly work in shipping docks and warehouses for receiving, storing and delivering goods and supplies to organizations. The Receiving Handler of a business ascertains the course of materials through the supply chain and is accountable for assisting with the efficient functioning of the distribution center. This position also requires the applicant to coordinate work with other divisions of the establishment.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Overseeing the proper loading, unloading and handling of goods and materials.
  • In charge of receiving supplies and materials into the storehouse.
  • Validating the received materials and goods with the invoices to ascertain the precision of the goods delivered.
  • Ensuring the completion of all paper work relating to the received goods and processing the bills of lading etc.
  • Make sure the proper handling and stocking of goods, in compliance with warehousing and storage norms.
  • Monitoring the storehouse records and inventory and filing reports of discrepancies in quantities and damages to the supervisor.
  • Coordinating with suppliers regarding the shipments and delivery of orders.

Skills and Specifications

  • Must possess strong communication skills – written and verbal, and must have basic computer skills.
  • Skills to efficiently coordinate functions with suppliers and the purchase divisions of the organization.
  • Good Knowledge of inventory management and legal procedures of receiving materials.
  • Skills to effectively and efficiently manage time and targets.

Education and Qualifications

  • At least a High school graduate or a GED equivalent from an accredited institution is basic.
  • Bachelor’s or an associate degree in retailing, warehousing, stocktaking, supply chain management or any related field of study gives an added advantage.

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