Receiving Supervisor Job Description

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Receiving Supervisor Job Profile and Description

A Receiving Supervisor controls an organization’s storehouse and allocation of goods and supplies. This role is typically that of administration and association and overseeing the smooth functionality of all activities and the compliance of norms related to the same. The position of a receiving supervisor is of immense importance in the export and retail management businesses.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Leading a team of receiving clerks and supervising their workings.
  • Managing and overseeing the records of all received goods and supplies.
  • Supervising the orderly stocking and arrangement of consignments in the warehouse.
  • Organizing the shifts and delegating work to subordinates.
  • Verifying received materials with the invoice orders.
  • Ensuring the compliance of safety norms in the warehouse.
  • Synchronizing with suppliers on the subject of the shipments and delivery of orders.
  • Conducting recruitment, regular training and workshops for the staff
  • Ensuring the compliance of all legal and completion of necessary paper work for the receipt of goods.
  • Coordinating activities with the purchase division of the association.

Skills and Specifications

  • Must have strong communication skills and the ability to use a PC.
  • Good interpersonal skills and the ability to efficiently network and coordinate processes with suppliers.
  • Skills to delegate, supervise and evaluate the workings of juniors.
  • Excellent decision-making abilities and leadership and motivational skills.

Education and Qualifications

  • High school graduate or a GED equivalent from an accredited institution is imperative.
  • Bachelor’s or an associate degree in logistics, warehousing, retail, stock taking, supply chain management or any related field of study gives an added advantage.

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