Shipping & Receiving Clerk Job Description

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Shipping & Receiving Clerk Job Profile and Description

The shipping and receiving clerk acts as the front-facing warehouse clerk in a logistics firm, airline or shipping organization sitting on both ends of the supply management chain. The job basically ensures that only the intended goods get delivered into and shipped out of the warehouse. The function may be spread between a receiving and shipping clerk depending on the volume of goods movement.

Shipping & Receiving Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

  • Managing records of all outgoing and incoming shipments from and to the warehouse.
  • Prepare shipping documents along with the correct mailing labels and ensure that all orders and withdrawal requests from the warehouse are correctly fulfilled.
  • Consolidate shipping orders.
  • Reconcile waybill, bill of lading with bill of materials and actual shipment arrivals.
  • Ensure that the goods delivered to the warehouse are in accordance with approved orders and the associated bill of lading or invoice.
  • Perform the unpacking of consolidated shipment deliveries and distribute contents to the right warehouse bin location.
  • Accomplish daily goods movement flow and submit to the Logistics head
  • Maintain the automated inventory management system to ensure that actual physical inventory matches the database logical inventory.

Shipping & Receiving Clerk Skills and Specifications

  • Outstanding supervisory skills and knowledge in supply chain management
  • Outstanding interpersonal and verbal communication skills

Shipping & Receiving Clerk Education and Qualification

  • A high school diploma is basic but a post-secondary course is basic.
  • 2-3 years of experience in a related industry gives an edge.

Shipping & Receiving Clerk Salary

The median annual salary of Shipping and Receiving Clerks in 2008 was $27,700 with the middle 50% earning between $21,900 and $34,700. The lowest 10% earned about $18,000, while the highest 10% earned around $43,000.

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